Evolution in Virtual Gaming

Apple Technologies for Game Developers

Apple GPUs deliver industry-leading graphics performance at unprecedented levels of efficiency. Combined with a full array of powerful, game-oriented OS technologies, the unified graphics platform across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV is ready for you to create the next generation of games with breathtaking realism.

What’s New


macOS Monterey adds support for Adaptive-Sync, which allows you to take advantage of variable refresh rate displays while providing a low-latency, tear-free gaming experience.

Game Controller framework

The Game Controller framework supports a wide variety of popular controllers, such as the Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller or the Sony PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller. Adding controller support to your game is an easy way to provide a unified experience across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

Onscreen virtual game controller

With iOS 15, you can more easily bring your controller-based games to iPhone and iPad by using the prebuilt, onscreen touch controls that function as a game controller.


Enable players to share gameplay recordings, broadcast live games to players and viewers online, or automatically capture game highlights with the new rolling clips feature.

Physical Audio Spatialization Engine (PHASE)

Game, middleware, and AR developers can leverage PHASE to generate positional audio optimized for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Keyboard & mouse alternatives for Macs with M1

iPhone and iPad games that require touch input or game controllers can use the new prebuilt support for keyboard, mouse, and trackpad as alternatives.

Game Center

With the Friends API, your app can request access to a player’s Game Center friends list to let them bring friends into your game. Enabling Game Center for your app allows it to be included in new Game Center widgets and within additional game recommendations on the App Store.


Metal provides a platform-optimized, low-overhead API for developing amazing games using a rich shading language with tighter integration between graphics and compute programs.

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Metal Tools for Windows

Bring your high-end games and assets to Mac with the Texture Converter Tool and Metal Shader Compiler.


Core Haptics

Add customized haptic and audio feedback to your iPhone game to increase realism.

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On-Demand Resources

Create smaller app bundles, enable faster downloads, and add up to 20 GB of additional content hosted on the App Store.

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